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Transferable on 10/5/2011

Frostwolf US
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Level 85 Troll Frost Mage
Average Item level:368
5/5 s9,14 Level 371 Epics and so on
Health:118375 Mana:84443
Talent: Frost
Achievement Points:1090
Professions: skinning: 225 / 525
Archaeology :150 / 525
Cooking : 450 / 525
First Aid : 450 / 525
Riding : 150%
Mounts: Blue Wind Rider, Emerald Raptor, Turquoise Raptor and so on
Extra Gold: 1k Gold
Transferable on 9/9/2011

Trollbane US
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Level 85 Tauren Frost Death Knight
Average Item level: 367
4/5 S9, 13 Level 371 Epics and so on
Health: 125927
Talent: Frost/Unholy
Achievement Points: 3775
Professions: Mining: 525 / 525
Archaeology : 300 / 525
Cooking : 450 / 525
First Aid : 450 / 525
Riding : 310
Mounts: 47,Bronze Drake Mount, Red Drake, Sunreaver Dragonhawk and so on
Companions: 69,Argent Gruntling, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Enchanted Broom and so on
Extra Gold: 7.5k Gold
Alt: Level 68 Tauren Balance Druid
Level 67 Blood Elf Beast Mastery Hunter
Transferable on 4/7/2012

Korialstrasz US
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Level 85 Human Retribution Paladin
Average Item level: 381
1/5 T12,8 Level 378 Epics , 4Level 397 Epics and so on
Health: 139233, Mana: 34732
Talent: Retribution/Protection
Achievement Points: 1820
Mounts: 44,Armored Brown Bear, Swift Blue Gryphon, Swift Green Gryphon and so on
Extra Gold: 1500 Gold, gear and items 50k+
Transferable on 11/28/2004

Blackhand US
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level 82 male Dwarf Shadow Priest Health38732,Mana39889,Damage:3035,Healing:3035,Hit Rating259,Crit Chance:18%,Haste Rating:597,MP5:668 Talent Specialization:Shadow0/4/34,Discipline31/6/0 Primary Professions:Engineering360,Mining450 Gear:Average item level(266 Equipped),2*item level300,item level 288,item level 285,5*item level 283,over 5000 gold and so on Riding skill:300 Mounts: Obtain 3 mounts, Armored Brown Bear Achievement points: 1590 Alts:level 67 male Worgen Subtlety Rogue(Health7931,Energy100) $119.00
Transferable on 5/12/2011

Windrunner US
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Average Item level:358
6*S9 vicious gear,T11 epic gear,others are rare gear!
Health:120683 Mana:24717
Talent: Retribution2/7/32,Protection0/36/5
Achievement Points: 3520
Mining : 497 / 525
Blacksmithing : 322 / 525
First Aid : 150 / 525
Riding : 300
Mounts: 11,Black War Bear,Bronze Drake Mount and so on
Companions: 12,Argent Squire and so on
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