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Transferable on 12/18/2007

Aegwynn DE
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Average Item level:380
5/5 Gladiator's pursuit ,11*Level 384 Epics , 2*Level 378 Epics 3*level 371and so on
Health: 143525
Talent: Beast Mastery 32/6/3 Marksmanship 3/33/5
Achievement Points:5440
Professions: engineering: 405 / 525
skinning:90 / 525
Archaeology : 150/ 525
Cooking : 450/ 525
First Aid : 525/ 525
Mounts:72 ,Azure Netherwing Drake,Albino Drake,Black Battlestriderand so on
Companions:64 ,Argent Squire,Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot,Curious Oracle Hatchling and so on
Alt: level 76 Undead Mage level 85 Troll Druid
Transferable on 10/11/2011

Frostmane GB
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Level 85 Human Frost Mage
Average Item level:352
2/5 T11,6 Level 359 Epics , 3Level 365 Epics and so on
Health:106223, Mana: 69083
Achievement Points: 3270
Professions: Archaeology :150 / 525
Cooking : 450 / 525
First Aid : 450 / 525
Riding :225
Mounts: 8,Bronze Drake Mount, Headless Horseman's Mount, Great Brewfest Kodo, Swift Brewfest Ram and so on
Companions: 11,Guild Page, Mr. Chilly,Perky Pug and so on
Transferable on 1/1/1990

Tarren Mill GB
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Level 80 Draenei Death Knight Dual Spec Activated 446 Blacksmithing 450 Mining Epic FLy ( check) 232-245 Gear T9 Gear pvp Furious Gear Expires: 04-Apr-2010$79.00
Transferable on 11/9/2010

Deathwing GB
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Level 80 Male Blood Elf Paladin Health:23874, Mana:18784, Bonus Damage:2889, Crit Chance:20.05%, Haste Rating:37, Mana Regen:265. 5300 Gear Score PVP Holy 5400 GS Retri PVE 333 Blacksmithing 375 Mining Dual Spec Activated Epic Fly Furious / Relentless PVP Gear$79.00
Transferable on 1/1/1990

Genjuros GB
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Level 80 Undead Death Knight Epic Fly Mount DUal Spec Activated 232 ilvl DPS Gear 232 ilvl Tanking Gear$79.00
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