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Wow Gold-News-How to collect Medicinal Herbs in WOW?

How to collect Medicinal Herbs in WOW?

 How to collect Medicinal Herbs in WOW?

Here are some useful tips:

First, you need to learn some skills, so you can find the nearest Herbalist trainer in WOW. Herbalist alchemist is not far away, it is usually located next to you.

Found plants

This is very important. Herbology does not need to use other additional equipment. Even you do not need to buy WOW GOLD at all. you just need to note reserved pockets space to install a large number of herbs that you can pick up. If you do not need a large number of temporary additional herbs, you can bring them into the banks or sold them to other players in WOW.

After you learned the initial level of herbology, you will have "discovered herbal medicine" skills. On the miniature map, you may use yellow dot to locate the location of herbal medicine nearby. This icon onto the action bar, click the corresponding icon to use this capacity. Remember maintain active status for herbal medicine all the time, or you may miss important plants in WOW GOLD.

If you see the yellow dot on the miniature map when you are in adventure, then you will find plants that can be collected in WOW. Moving cursor to microfilm map and hover in the yellow point, there will be a display plant names in a small window. If you want to collect the plant, you may do that. Note to avoid the monster will be possible to attack you. Plants will not grow underground or underwater, you can only be found on the ground in the wild herbs.

Get herbs

If you are next to the plant, your action cursor will be highlighted. It means that you can collect herbs. If the first attempt fails, please keep trying again. All plants have a certain minimum skill requirements in WOW. If your skills are too low, it may be impossible to collect herbs. Once the acquisition is successful, there will be a Chinese herbal medicine content window; each plant typically contains one to three herbs. Using the above-mentioned window, right-click herb to herb collected backpack. If your collecting is finished, the plant will disappear.


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