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Wow Gold-News-How to Invest Wow Gold?

How to Invest Wow Gold?

 Go for Fly mounts

In order to reach unreachable places In WOW, Flying mounts can help your available those places. But it is just for level 70 characters ,.It guarantees the rider to reach some areas of the Outlands that are impossible to reach for normal land means. Certain instances require a flying mount to get to.

The friendly faction vendors that sell flying mounts are located in Shadow moon Valley. The Horde can find their vendor in the settlement of Shadow moon Village. It's in the Northwestern part of Shadow moon Valley. Likewise, the Alliance vendor is in the Wild hammers Stronghold that lies in the Southwestern portion of Shadow moon Valley. According to the World of War craft website, a special flying mount, the Swift Nether Drake, is available through the arena.

The normal flying mount increases your land and flight speed by 60%; the epic increases your land speed by 100% and your flight speed by 280%.

The Swift Nether Drake is the fastest of the flying mounts, as it increases flight speed by 310% (land speed of 100%). It is available to both Alliance and Horde.

The normal Horde Wind riders come in three colors: tawny, blue and green. The normal Alliance gryphon’s come in the colors ebon, golden and snowy.

The swift mounts come in four different colors. For the Alliance, there are swift blue, green, purple and red gryphons. For the Horde, there are swift red, green, yellow and purple wind riders.

Here are the price:
A normal flying mount not only costs 100 WOW gold, but also requires you level 70(maybe you need buy WOW power leveling from us) and an expert riding skill of 225 to ride. The expert riding skill normally price is 800 WOW DOLD and also requires you have a riding skill of 150. An epic flying mounts usually costs 200 gold. It needs your level 70 and an artisan riding skill of 300 to ride. The artisan riding skill costs 5000 gold and requires you at least have a riding skill of 225.

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