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Guild in WOW


There are three types guild in WOW. Here are some details about wow guild:

Guild Officers

As long as a guild has a leader it needs guild officers. The players should keep some of the administrative burdon off of the Guild Leader and provide players someplace else to look for help, when the Guild Leader is not around.

A guild officer’s ideas really depends on the guild’s ideas. In a levelling guild they may be there to help players by pointing out the best places to level, or to help organize group questing. In raiding guilds, officers are likely to organize and run raids. In a PvP guild, they would purpose to help arrange arena teams and battle ground groups. In any type of guild there could also be a class officer, banker, raid leader, and many more. The exact types and numbers of officers really depend on the guild itself.

Officers should take a lot of responsibilities, and the membership at large looks at them as a reflection of the guild, so choose carefully. All you need to wreck a guild is one officer flying off the handle at someone and the guild can fall apart.

Guild Ranks

Once a guild is formed, many players need a purpose or place in a guild. Even though they will never be an officer, they still need to know where they fit in. That’s what ranks are for. The ranks that a guild need are really determined by the type of guild.

In all guilds you will have the guild leader at least, and likely officers to assist. In addition it is a good idea to have a probation rank for new players and a banker rank. The probation rank can be used to keep track of new players for a probationary period and potentially limit their access to the bank, guild chat, or more. Having a banker rank, makes it easy to assign a few officers banker alts access to the bank without having to assign all officers bank access.

WOW gold Guild Rules

Every guild should have rules of general conduct in WOW. Even though the rule is anything goes, it should be stated and made clear so that everyone can see it, knows it, and understands it. Some of the most basic rules are things such as a swearing policy, whether or not  insults are tolerated, how people should be treated, and more.

You do not need a huge list of rules, but you desire should be made very clear. This can and should include some simple statements which can describe the guild’s purpose and rules

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